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11 Years Later

It's been 11 Years and almost 100 viral AgileCoachCamps since our very first coach camp experiment. Now, co-founders Deborah Hartmann Preuss and Naresh Jain will be reunited as participants in this Coach Camp in Bangalore, organized as part of the Agile India 2019 Conference. We are delighted to welcome a number of other participants from the 2008 AgileCoachCamp as well. And, of course: you!

Who should attend?

We are looking for passionate and responsible individuals - Coaches, Change Agents, Mentors, and Leaders, who are actively engaged in transforming teams and/or organizations. It does not matter what's on your business card - if you value peer-to-peer learning and if status quo makes you sick then this event is for you.


Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel
26/1 Dr. Rajkumar Road, Malleswaram Rajajinagar
Bengaluru, India 560055


Sunday, March 17, 2019
8:30 AM to 06:00 PM


Agile Coach Camp uses an Open Space format for the meeting. We love working in self-organizing teams - well, OpenSpace is a simple technique for creating a self-organizing conference!

In OpenSpace there are no leaders, no followers, definitely no talking-heads - only participants. Does this sound strange to you? Come prepared to create the event you need - starting with collaboratively building our agenda in the morning, full of topics we have passion for.

Time-wise breakup
09:15-09:30 AMRegistration
09:30-09:45 AMWelcomeIntroduction to Coach Camp and OpenSpace format
09:45-10:30 AMForming the CircleEach person would narrate a small story that is unique to them. This is how all the participants will remember the narrator. (Max 1 min per participant. Please come prepared; don't try to do it on the fly.)
10:30-11:00 AMMarket PlaceParticipants propose topics and we decide on the time-slots till Lunch
11:00-11:30 AMTea/Coffee Break
11:30-12:30 PMSession 18-10 parallel breakouts
12:30-01:30 PMSession 28-10 parallel breakouts
01:30-02:30 PMLunch
02:30-03:00 PMMarket PlaceParticipants propose topics for rest of the day
03:00-04:00 PMSession 38-10 parallel breakouts
04:00-04:30 PMTea/Coffee Break
04:30-05:30 PMSession 48-10 parallel breakouts
05:30-06:00 PMClosing the Circle

Summary of discussions from Coach Camp

  • Please add your notes here...

A Position Paper is your Price for Admission

Keeping the spirit from the very first coach camp, Agile Coach Camp India 2019 will be free of charge to attend, however, your price of admission is a position paper. Please submit your position paper before Jan 31st. By Feb 15th, we'll get in touch with information about your next steps.

Interested to participate in the coach camp? Click "Edit" to add your position paper to this page, then save and click the link you made to add your brief answers to these questions:
  • What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?
  • What do you plan to learn/explore at this conference?
  • How do you plan to contribute?

Note for new users: While creating an account you will be asked for a passcode. Use passcode: acc2011

Final Accepted Position Papers

  1. Naresh Jain
    • Essence OVER Dogma
  2. Deborah Hartmann Preuss
    • Transforming ourselves to transform our world
  3. Ellen Grove
    • What next? What else?
  4. Padma Satyamurthy
    • Learning, unlearning and relearning through the journey
  5. Gabor Devenyi
    • Dogma, Frustration, BS and other annoyances - so what keeps us going
  6. Srinath Ramakrishnan
    • Continuous learner's journey
  7. Monica Gupta
    • The art of mindfulness applied to agile coaching
  8. Krishnakumar Chinnappachari
    • Making Coaching and Transformation journey meaningful for both the Coach and the Coachee's
  9. Sandeep Shetty
    • Complex responsive processes of relating (discarding systems thinking), Anthro Complexity (Cynefin, Sensemaking), Beyond Budgeting, Open-space, Sociocracy, AgileBOSSAnova
  10. Balaji Muniraja
    • Creating Spartan Teams
  11. Sivaguru
    • Outcome based agility
  12. Shane Hastie
    • 3 Days training does not a coach make - knowledge vs competency and the hard topic of certification
  13. Dr. Karuna Batra
    • Agile as a framework to enable and catalyze self-organizing and self-managed teams
  14. Vishal Prasad
    • Don't Hate What You Don't Understand - the struggles with highly mature agile teams
  15. Vishu
    • Managing Knowledge Workers' context to be effective Coach - Mind, Mindset, Mindfulness
  16. Hiruna Dissanayake
    • Love to share and gain knowledge with a set of "Like Minded People"
  17. Neelima Ghani
    • Agile performance appraisals
  18. Sandhya Gopal
    • Boundary of an agile coach
  19. MaartjeWolff
    • How can agile mindset and happiness at work reinforce each other
  20. Fennande van der Meulen
    • How can Happiness at Work be an agent for change?
  21. Payal Jain
    • On my journey of agility
  22. Rahul Verma
    • Be useful and fulfil your purpose
  23. PallabiDas
    • A journey with "Likeminded People"
  24. Sonali Chaudhary
    • Evolutiion of Agile in a startup
  25. Ravi Kumar
    • Transformation and Change: It's messy but what are the right questions
  26. Col.RanjeevKBabu
    • Inculcating Growth Mindsets at the Functional levels of an organisation
  27. Namrata Datta
    • Agile Enabler to Agile Coach
  28. Ricardo Abella
    • Cultural differences, Assessments, Coach the Coach
  29. Ant Boobier
    • Language to support transformational change
  30. Krishna Chodipilli
    • Impact of belief, values and culture in coaching outcomes
  31. Naveen Jonty
    • Secret and Missing Sauce in Agile Coaches
  32. Vidhya
    • Agile for Ecosystem in product development
  33. Chitra Gurjar
    • Agility & Product Management. Managing & Delivering on Multiple Fronts
  34. William Feng
    • Monte Carlo estimation for agile projects
  35. Sathyan Sethumadhavan
    • Sathyan Sethumadhavan Position Paper In 2019
  36. Ranjith Tharayil
    • Crafting High Preforming Teams
  37. Ajay Balamurugadas
    • Systematic Product Modeling in a short time
  38. Chithra Ramachandran
    • Agile Coach and Life transformation
  39. Vidhya Sathyamurthy
    • The Path is the Destination
  40. Priyank Gupta
    • Building products with empathy
  41. Kapare Rucha
    • Embracing Agility In Work and Life
  42. Jeremy Kriegel
    • Integrating agile and UX
  43. Penelope
    • Coaching at a Distance - Great Techniques beyond the Tech
  44. Pooja Biyani
    • Being Agile
  45. Marc Gong
    • Agile Imposition and Transformation
  46. Deepti Tomar
    • Agile - How much is very much ? Giving Limits to Agility
  47. Pushpalatha C
    • Transformation : An attitude
  48. Woody Zuill
    • Making improvements "in place"
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