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"We are Agile" - Just a tip of Iceberg! (Ashwin A's Position paper for 2019)

__What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?
Advocate of Lean thinking approach since my early Project Trainee days at manufacturing industry, 2010 was when my next and then IT Product organisation started the journey of scrum transformation. I was one of the first to get a high on its flavor, and run the pilot scrum team as a CSM and started helping/training rest of the product teams embark on that journey. With years of inspect and adopt cycles, logical traverse was to pilot through more agile methods and product development accelerators to build better products and be the advocate, evangelist and coach.

With years of practice in Scrum and Agile Program Management in SaaS and PaaS Product world, inferred that "none of the agile methods could be silver bullet" and "agile methods are those clear transparent window to hidden problems" which needs highest focus in order to build innovative and quality end user specific products/solutions.

I further advocate the idea of being agnostic of any Agile framework while always appreciate every and any framework, further consider the most suitable ideas based on the challenges and situations.

__What do you plan to learn/explore at this conference?
While i constantly keep validating my ideas and methods in the industry, my parallel quest and exploration is to find best possible ways to break into the minds of Senior Executives and Directorial communities and help them reflect to evolve other critical organisational functions like Marketing, Sales, HR and Financial teams to support Agile-Lean culture across the enterprise.

__How do you plan to contribute?
Fiercest fighter in making organisations and people understand that process is just a tip of iceberg in being Agile enterprise. So I would help them reflect and evolve organically through principles and values to achieve both tangible and intangible benefits at work place and also in personal life.

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