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Mailing list for conversations about organisation, further information:

Organization volunteers:

Facilitation issuesMike Sutton with Deborah Hartmann Preuss
Venue Search, Co-ordin.Pierluigi Pugliese
Topic/Title suggestionsSebastian Eichner +Ilja Preuss
Research for wiki/websiteSebastian Eichner
Communication/PRIlja Preuss, Pierluigi Pugliese
SponsorshipDeborah Hartmann Preuss
RegistrationChristiane Phillips
Organizing committee also includes active membersMartin Heider, Marc Bless, Ute Plazer, Heiko Stapf, Jürgen "Mentos" Hoffmann, Nicole Rauch, Josef Scherer
LogisticsTBD later

Important pages:


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