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Agile Mindset shift during Performance management

what is experience coaching teams towards being Agile?
I am working as Agile coach with USTglobal having 23+ years of IT experience. I have coach and trained more than 1000 associates within company towards agile journey in various framework Scrum, Kanban and SAFe. I am certified CSP, CSPO, SPC4.5, PMP, PMI-ACP.

what do you plan to learn/explore at this conference ?
As my company moving into Agile digital transformation. I am enrolled pre-conference workshop - Unlocking agility-Unlocking Agility: A Change Leader's Guide to Enterprise Digital Transformation by Jorgen Hesselberg on March 18th 2019.
I will learn and share my experience with my fellow participants about my agile journey.

How do you plan to contribute?
I can share my experience about my personal agility journey from traditional project manager journey to Agile coach.

My agile transformation during UST High performance management as High performance coach (HPC) as below:
As organization moving towards digital transformation, As High performance coach (HPC) help my organization towards moving traditional performance management (ie BELL shaped) forced ranking to Agile way of updating the performance management NorthStar Mobile application (USTglobal Developed Mobile application) to capture goals and feedback for each employees into this tool. We have around 20K employees are planning to using tool effective from Jan 2019 onwards.
We have used the concept from moving mindset from fixed mindset to Growth mindset from Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck’s work. Her research findings of how our beliefs impact our achievement and motivation has been published in a book called “Mindset – The new psychology of success”.
At UST we will set FAST goals
F - Frequently discussed- Goals need to be embedded in ongoing discussions. -Our culture and underlying process of goals and feedback enables this
A- Ambitious -objectives should be difficult but not impossible to achieve- Decoupling performance evaluation enables ambitious goal statements.
Specific - Goals translated into concrete metrics and milestones force clarity on how to achieve each goal and measure progress. - These specifics are Key Results that you can write on NorthStar.
T- Transparent- Goals, and progress against goals, needs to be, ideally, made public for all team members to see. -NorthStar will play an important role in enabling transparency.
Feedback framework used as below:
The 3W Framework
What – Use specifics. Give examples
So What –Explain the consequences / impact of what went wrong.
Now What-Describe, in specific terms, what the person can do differently.

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