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Anand's Position Paper

Anand Vaidyanathan

Stay Hungry. Stay Agile

What is My Experience?

I work as Agile Coach with Freshworks, a unicorn startup from Chennai, India. I have been working with startups /product companies helping them to coach teams and organization. There are multiple and unique challenges when it comes to working with startups, since the companies are aiming at multi dimensional growth.

I was introduced to Scrum, late 2015 and I had great affinity towards it due to the fundamental mind shift, and the empirical process model.
I have tried introducing in the principles in various aspects in my life, including lately being part of group where we tried solving social problems using scrum framework.

I'm really excited to share my small part of my journey, while buckling up and learning from people of other walks of life on how Agile have impacted their life/career and the sheer experience of it.

What do I want to Learn?

I'm eager and inquisitive to learn different aspects of Agile framework, and the different type of problem that presents. I'm also curious to blend in and meet Agile practitioners to experience different mindset and their thought process. Also interested in what innovations or if there are new model has been introduced with having a strong backing of Agile framework.

What do I plan to contribute?

I'd love to engage in contributing by volunteering to help in some hosting/organizing, while I get excited to try new activities with teams, and other practitioners to keep it fun and engaged. I also would be happy to share my humble experience with problems and how I failed in some areas and managed to swim through in other areas, while keeping my spirit up and always looking to stay hungry and learn more.
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