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What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?
I've been on this Agile journey for over 18 years now! Like any journey - this has been adventurous, exciting and more importantly - very educating! I not only had the pleasure of working as a developer in multiple Scrum Teams, also played the role of Agile Coach for Enterprise Transformation using Scrum at Scale, used LeSS to scale teams spreading over multiple Geographies, but also acted as a Scaling Lead for large scale SAFe roll-outs. All these experiences allowed me to work with various teams across different cultural segments, had the pleasure of working with them, learning with them and sharing my understanding with all of those good people.

What do you plan to learn/explore at this conference?
At Agile Coach Camp India 2019, I'm looking forward to share the typical challenges with Agile Scaling. It's unfortunate that even after almost 18 years since the Manifesto came out, we struggle with Scrum (leave aside Scaling). So, it will be my interest to hear from those who are trying to do the right thing, help them understand how Scrum could help us in Scaling itself. Thus - we learn how to do Scrum better and use it to expand across multiple dimensions.

How do you plan to contribute?
Share real life experience of failures and success! We aim to learn from both - how not to do things (from failures) and what tends to work (from success).
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