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What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?

My Agile journey started unexpectedly when I was more interested towards project management role. I was introduced to Agile and Scrum when I was on a Project Manager role in Nokia in 2009. I liked the simple yet powerful Agile principles very much. Since 2009 I have played the role of Scrum master and coach at various product and service organizations like Tesco, Dell and Ness. I have trained and coached many teams across different organizations and experienced different challenges while implementing agile. These challenges helped me to unlearn and learn new skills and provided me ways to implement Agile in a better way.

What do you plan to learn/explore at this conference?

I want to hear and learn from other participants about their experiences, challenges and how they handled them. Would like to inspect on how others are implementing agile and adopt some of those learning in the teams I work on. I also want to discuss and get feedback on some of the challenges I faced and how I handled them, which did not work to my complete satisfaction.

How do you plan to contribute?

I will share my experiences and journey with agile implementations. I will provide inputs to other participants if they are facing any challenges based on my experience with Agile. I will share my experiments with retrospective meetings and collaborations.