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What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?
I am part of agile center of excellence in my organisation, where we as group of agile coaches/consultants help our clients in Agile adaption. I am more convinced with the lean mindset and helping the team on the same. Last couple of years, we are working with clients on redesigning the organisation and think lot of things to learn.

What do you plan to learn /explore at this conference?
I clearly understand there are bigger challenges and they are different when working with the teams and at the organisation level. I am curious to learn how as an agile coach learn to manage both the aspects. I have an idea of pivoting on the stars defined in the fluency model and see how we can help enterprise to adopt agile in a gamified manner using badges and coins Or am I missing something?

How do you plan to contribute?
I am good at challenging people's ideas to help them refine them. With exposure to various client organisation and understand different constructs the organisations evolve and have a point of view beyond the standard agile stuff. Happy to share that if anyone is interested.