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What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?

With over six years of working in agile projects serving as servant leader and change agent ,it has been life transforming and rewarding journey to be coaching agile at various levels within an enterprise. To play a pivotal role and work closely with fellow agile practitioners ,different levels of management ,product and development ,operations ,BAU teams while driving continous improvement efforts wasn't any less than taking a bull by horn.Becoming an Agile Coach has shaped my personality and reinvent myself to build a better workplace.

What do you plan to learn/explore at this conference?

I would like to learn ways to improve collaboration within siloed teams , measure team culture , team business value increments and soft part of culture ,mindset transformation

How do you plan to contribute?

I would love to talk about the human in the loop ,human at the centre of agile.
Top 3 things that worked for me and top 3 that didn't.

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