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Col. Ranjeev K Babu positionpaperIn2019

What's your experience coaching teams towards being Agile?

I am a combat helicopter pilot and a counter-terrorism expert. I learnt my trade on the job in my twenty-five years serving the Indian Army. Teamwork and Agility are intrinsic in the way of a soldier's being, however, the nuances of Agile and 'Being Agile' was introduced to me during my interactions with the US Army. That was the commencement of my journey in Agile. I am now the founder of a company that thrives in an Agile environment. In my interactions, I have had the privilege of unlearning and relearning the fundamentals of human behaviour in an organisational context and have contributed my own worldviews when it comes to designing course content and engaging in critical thinking on aspects related to human mindset and habit patterns.

What do you plan to learn/explore at this conference?

I wish to tap into the vast resource of human intellect that would be available for me to explore. It is an opportunity to expand my horizons and also create possibilities for me to share my experiences on a much wider scale. I am eager to know the various experiential learnings that people would share on their Agile journey and the prevailing perceptions of its relevance and applications in the world in general and India in particular.

I have always wondered how leaders create self-organising teams and achieve esprit de corps in a VUCA environment. Does Servant leadership truly exist in the Indian corporate eco space? Is unlearning and re-learning a reality in the strategic culture of organisations? If so how does it exist as an enduring legacy? How does one instil a growth mindset at the functional levels of the enterprise? Do societal perceptions and prevailing culture/traditions impinge on the ability to be truly 'being Agile' at the workspace?
These are some of the issues that I would really love to know.

How do you plan to contribute?

I have hands-on experience in training, leading and working with high performing teams in various facets of human conflict (internal and external). I have managed and lead teams into crisis situations and have endured with them to achieve mission success. In my role as a trainer, coach, facilitator and mentor in cross organisational and functional domains in the Agile world, I have significant experience that I would wish to lay open for examination. Challenging status quo and confronting prevailing mindsets are my way of being. I would consider it an awesome learning experience and privilege if I get to share with like-minded professionals, the discoveries I have made in the journey of my life so far.
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