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I've been a UX designer for 20+ years, and helping integrate agile and UX for ~12 years.

What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?
When I discovered agility in '07, it was a natural fit. Throughout my design career, I have always believed that you design your process to fit your needs as much as you design your product. At the time, most design gurus advocated large processes that took months with little engagement with developers. Unfortunately, that rarely worked in practice, and the adaptations required always felt like we were doing the project a disservice. Agility changed that.

In the time since, I have not only integrated UX as a practice into many companies but also acted as an internal coach to teams looking to become more effective through agility. This has helped me to effectively connect design to development through a common goal.

Now I’m building a UX team that will help change the face of scientific research at The Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard. This is not about increasing profit, it is about finding treatments and saving lives.

What do you plan to learn /explore at this conference?
I’m always looking for new ways to help the teams I work with. In addition, as I grow the UX discipline, I need to be able to coach my UX team in how to better work with their product teams. I want to come with an open mind to hear what others have been learning so that I can bring it back with me.

How do you plan to contribute?
I want to ensure that design is part of the conversation. ‘Good design enhances agility.’ This element of the manifesto is often forgotten and yet the most successful teams are the ones who are able to incorporate good user centered design practices. I want to help provide other coaches with the ability to advocate for good design as they help teams evolve.

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