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Krishna Chodipilli positionpaperIn2019

What's your experience coaching teams towards being Agile?

I am a Strategic Investor, Corporate Executive Coach, Trainer, Advisor, helping FTSE 100 companies globally for the last 17 years. I specialise in Organisational & Leadership development and leading change, conflict resolution through helpful mindset and business consultancy.
I’ve have coached numerous teams around the globe through their Agile journey over the years. I like to accompany my coachees in changing their perspective, exploring the context and bigger picture, thinking about consequences and utilising their strengths.

What do you plan to learn/explore at this conference?
I would like to learn more from like-minded individuals and gain from listening to their experiences and perspectives. I would like to explore how culture and society impact mindsets. How are belief sets created and how they pan out as values and traditions in the Indian context? How the Indian value systems impinge organisational climate, which is predominately Western in influence? I would like to delve into the nuances of how beliefs, values and culture impact coaching in the Indian context? There is so much to learn from our fellow community members and get better and what we strive to do as Agile Coaches and Transformation Agents.

How do you plan to contribute?
What I can bring to the forum is my years of experience and ways of working and overcoming challenges faced with teams from different backgrounds and cultures. I have operated in multinational forums and have been exposed to dynamic work cultures and styles of working. I would love to share my experiences, especially those from coaching in which I dealt with cultures, beliefs and values.
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