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Krishnakumar Chinnappachari

What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?
I got fascinated by agile after no. of rejections in Thoughtworks, who are masters of XP. So, I started reading more about agile and presented an introduction to XP session at Dell (through Accenture) in 2004. However, practically I started my "agile : Scrum" journey when I was in Tesco in 2007. Started applying Scrum practices in my real projects at Tesco as a Scrum Master. Then, when I moved to Cognizant I got lot more exposure and experience as Scrum Master in Agile CoE and learnt Rally Tool on my own. Then I got an opportunity to become agile Coach in Philips engagement. I coached teams on Scrum and SAFe. In Jan 2015, I joined Sabre, a product based company as a Principal agile Coach and have been coaching teams and stakeholders at all levels (Manager, Director, VP level) spread across multiple geographies such as Bangalore, Krakow, Poland, Dallas, US. In Jul 2017, I joined EPAM, a Product engineering firm as a Senior Agile Coach and coached teams for the clients such as Master Card, Verisk, Radian. In Nov 2017, I joined ANZ as an agile coach and was part of the NWoW (new ways of working) transformation initiative and contributed for implementing Spotify model. From Mar 2018 onwards, I have been working as an Agile and SAFe Coach @Lowes, coaching teams and middle level management on Scrum, SAFe, and Kanban

What do you plan to learn /explore at this conference?
Being a continuous learner, I am very open to learn from my fellow Coaches or leaders on "how to make coaching and transformation journey meaningful and successful for both the Coach and Coachee's (teams and Organization)"

How do you plan to contribute?
Being in the industry for 20+ years, I have been practicing/mastering both traditional and agile ways of working and delivering projects/products/services in all 3 types of Organizations.
1. Product based (Sabre, Philips, JDA Software)
2. Consulting firms (Cognizant, Accenture, EPAM)
3. Captive Centers (Tesco, ANZ, Lowe's).
So, as a Practicing Coach, Consultant, I bring in lot of awareness of anti patterns of agile & will be happy to share my experiences and lessons learnt in
a. resolving conflicts,
b. managing diplomacy yet influence people for the better good of their own and team/Organization in which they are working in,
c. and eventually bring in "incremental CHANGE in the mindset or culture"
Also, will facilitate a game on "expanding mindset"