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What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?
“You have to finish this task” to “Let me finish this task”.
For me agile is as simple as this and this is what I am practicing and coaching from past 7 years.
And in my sessions, I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t have agility in himself/herself, though they don’t realize it. My job is just to make them realize what they have and to align them together towards the common goal and leave them to write their own path of success. Observe them like a father and guide them like a friend.
Cricket is my all-time favorite example to talk for agile. Even though one player takes the trophy of “Man of The Match” but it’s a team effort who can turn the result in favor.
What do you plan to learn /explore at this conference?
Listening to other’s thoughts and experiences.
Also I would like to share my approaches and getting challenged from others, during the session.
How much is minimal ? : This is something which always creates doubt in my mind. Being an agile practitioner I do encourage teams to maintain lite weight documents but being part of a health-care organization where my product will be there in the labs for more than 10 years. How can development of these products can have just-in-use documents ?
How do you plan to contribute?
I want to share my journey and experience as an agile practitioner/coach.
A session on “Agile touches our life every day but we don’t notice it”.
And want to talk about our business agility model.
Customer talks, we listen : We do keep customer as a centric part for any of our product development. We also conduct VOC session to understand what our customer expects from us and then re-align(if required) our process in such a manner so that we can fulfill what customer actually needs.
If I have to choose between a good leader and a good coach ….I do prefer the later one.