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What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?

I have been coaching teams, teams of teams and organizations to be Agile since I first (accidentally) became Scrum Master in 2009. Even though this first stint was trial-and-error heavy, clunky, experimental and ridden with more questions than answers, the results were phenomenally different from the projects I delivered as a Project Manager. No, it did not make me a convert for there were several favourable factors at the organizational level that made the results possible for the team.

However, as I journeyed through numerous teams across multiple organizations in the following years propagating Agile practices, I became an Agilist. I learned, experimented, dwelled and researched on lingering questions, and continued this for years with an increasing influence across the organizations I worked with. Now I help others understand the real meaning and value of being Agile. I do not just provide training but also continually support my teams, team members, management and leaders to think and be Agile.

I have worked with all sizes of organizations including startups to bring Agility as a way of being. I come with a wealth of knowledge and experience in making teams and organizations Agile. I also come with experience as a developer, quality analyst, business analyst, project manager, Scrum Master, Agile project manager, Agile transformation program manager, Agile coach, etc. The experiences have helped me relate with most people’s challenges in the organization thereby enabling me to zero-in on the real problem and focus on that. Currently I am engaged as an Agile Coach with a leading financial services organization.

What do you plan to learn/explore at this conference?

I am looking forward to new ideas and to dive deeper into the known ones. My prime motive for this conference is to learn, explore, contribute and connect. My focus areas are Agile coaching, enterprise agility, transformations, real cases and engineering practices (including DevOps).

I am also looking to find like-minded people who are interested in forming a community that can work together to explore different dimensions of the real world of coaching and Agile transformations. The group can come together every so often to discuss their stories and challenges, and to support each other on this journey to make the working world a better place to be.

How do you plan to contribute?

I can contribute in several ways:
• Share real cases, scenarios and learnings from my experiences
• Facilitate discussions/workshops
• Fully participate in any sessions through relevant and powerful questions
• Participate fully and actively in discussions and workshops increasing thereby increasing their value for each participant
• Actively contribute in discussions on enterprise level transformation: I have some ideas and would love to hear others’
• Build or become a part of a community of Agile practitioners as mentioned in the second question.

Some topics I would like to speak about:
1. My journey into DevOps world at a startup
2. Agile Transformation: Which comes first – chicken or egg?
3. The importance of systems thinking in making Agile organizations
4. Building the Agile Coaches community