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• What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?
I have been in the agile coaching space for last 8 years in multiple organizations, industries and countries. Having coached in India, UK, Canada and US I have experienced multiple factors essential to success of agile maturity. The most important of these being the organization and people transformation and the role of culture to enable that.

Across industries Banking, Retail (H&M, Oil & Gas) and Telecom , I see agile transformation as an organic change journey rather than a big bang transformation initiative. Initiatives have a life whereas a journey continues with continuous achievement milestones along the path.

This is evolutionary journey where being open minded, experiment oriented and having a continuous improvement mindset are a key. Being a servant leader on the change journey has been real differentiator for me.

I am continuously experiencing that being mindful, highly aware and empathetic are key enablers which make is journey easier, joyful and productive. This is more about people change than technology.

• What do you plan to learn/explore at this conference?
Learn from other's experiences and listen to their stories. Stories are fascinating as they convey much more, they paint multidimensional pictures and audience is free to pick what they want to takeaway. I also want to meet and have conversations with thought experts and share my insights.
• How do you plan to contribute?
As a speaker, panelist and share agile adoption experiences from the digitalization and data science space, with an emphasis on the human transformation aspect.

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