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What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?

I am an accidental agile coach but have been an agile player and enabler since 2009. Did my first project in TDD and was introduced to agile world a decade back. As a passionate technologists and automation tester worked with product company where agility in mindset and action was a routine. Have been lucky enough to be trained and worked with some seasoned agile coaches to ran couple of transformation from waterfall to agile like enabler. Earned Certification in Scrum, Kanban, Agile Coaching and SAFe after implementing them in real world. Played various roles like Product Quality Head/Owner and Scrum Master till 2014. While working as captain of ship and people manager I was introduced to client as agile coach because client was looking for a member with certifications and experience in agile. With this new hat, I fell in love with the infectious energy that I gained from fellow coaches and never looked back.

What do you plan to learn /explore at this conference?

I know I have to go a long way in this journey. I always feel I am an enabler, a consultant and a member but to be a coach there will be many things to explore. By default we all have a tendency of trying to fix things quickly, but that's not what is needed. How to draw boundaries and how to resist that? I am curious to learn new ways, eager to experiment and learn from seasoned coaches. I also love networking with people and listening to their stories, so looking forward to experience some wonderful moments. Sometimes language is a barrier for me, and i want to learn the art of communication, and want to go beyond my limiting thoughts.

How do you plan to contribute?

I am super positive and cool captain that believe everyone can do everything so love to challenge people on their weakness. I have decent experience of being agile enabler in product, captive, IT-Services and in various roles from team member to program manager so can share many real life stories. From last 5 years i have been a coach at mid-management and senior management level, so can share techniques that we can leverage to engage people from holistic business agility perspective.
I love to create products that users love because of my PO experience (like SpiceJet Kiosk in India is my real life work). I also work very closely with a handful of startups here, and help them in experimenting with a Lean-Agile Mindset.
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