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Namaste! My name is Naresh Jain. I'm all about distilling down the essence and asking the why question.

What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?
I discovered XP in 2002 via the test infected paper. In 2004, Manoj, Owen and I started the Agile India community. Along the way, I created a bunch of other conferences like Simple Design & Testing conference, Agile Coach Camp, Functional Conf and so on. Over the last 15 years, I've had the privilege of working with some really awesome companies and helping them understand Continuous Improvement culture. Last few years have been mostly in the startup space, where the focus is more on Continuous Discovery/Learning and User-First Product thinking.

What do you plan to learn /explore at this conference?
If you've more than 10 teams, each building products for millions of users, I'm curious to learn how you validate your hypothesis and run experiments at scale. When someone says hypothesis-driven experimentation, it sounds very scientific, but in my experience, there is a lot of craft involved in making decisions. Do others feel this way? Or am I missing something?

Being a Coach vs. Being a Captain - If we take the sports (particularly cricket) analogy, a Captain's goal is to ensure the team performs so they can win the match. While the coach is more interested in making sure every player is exhibiting good sportsmanship and improving their game. As a founder or as part of an executive leadership team, I'm often playing both these roles and I find there is a tension between these 2 roles. I'm curious to learn how others are tackling this tension.

How do you plan to contribute?
I'm happy to play the devil's advocate and challenge people's ideas to help them refine them. I have decent experience in helping really fast-paced organizations go beyond the standard agile stuff. Happy to share that if anyone is interested.
Also, I'm one of the organizers of this coach camp, so will try my best to ensure everyone has an enjoyable learning experience.

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