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A journey with "Likeminded People"

What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?
Agile is buzz word in the industry for last few years now. Everyone says they are working in Agile. Most of the people think that doing daily scrum and using Jira/TFS makes them Agile. But what they don’t understand that this not what make them Agile. Yes, while following the ceremonies and using tools are only a part of the “Doing Agile”.
I may not have tons of experience, but do have the benefit of understanding and embracing the process from multiple viewpoints. Currently, I am coaching IT Managers, Product Owners, Testers and Developers with adoption and transition to agile and while coaching team towards “Being Agile”, I emphasis on mainly two points:
First and foremost is Customer: Teams needs to focus on the customer and understanding their need for time to market. By making teams to realise that by owning the work as product not as a project with considering MVP and getting regular feedback. How much business values are getting generated and How we can eliminate waste to improve customer satisfaction?

Then comes the Scrum team itself: how to empower them. How management can help them to reach goal of a “High performing team” by truly embracing scrum values.
For me “Being Agile” is a journey where its team/organisation/customer comes together to attain greater result and sometimes it is just by applying common sense.

What do you plan to learn /explore at this conference?

I would like to learn how others have success or fail (lesson learned from it),
1. while inspiring team to adopt changes
2. what are the other aspects my peers have overcome while engaging with people who doesn’t want to change and their reluctance to embraces agile.
Mostly having an open mind that is willing to absorb as much knowledge as it can fit in.

How do you plan to contribute?

I hope to offer my own thoughts on some of the lessons I have learned from making slip-ups along the way and how common sense gets ignored because of perceived speed and wrong interpretation of the process.
I can explain how fast “good-enough” unplanned agile get scaled in the organization and organization never reach excellence and purity.
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