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What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?

I am an engineer who has 14 years of experience building products. I have experimented unabashedly with ideas that bring agility to a team. I have coached and mentored teams from a conceptualizing stage to the delivery of the eventual product. While I am a technologist at heart, I find joy in delivering value. I constantly strive to build better products and build them better. A large part of my career has been spent at organizations like ThoughtWorks and Sahaj, where I have learnt together how to embrace agility and agile mindset over agile practices.

What do you plan to learn/explore at this conference?

I am looking forward to exploring the practices that people follow that allow small teams to work together cohesively to solve a large problem. While solving the challenge of scale in technology, I am constantly experimenting with how to solve the scale issue in teams without compromising on quality and the output.

How do you plan to contribute?

I would like to present a talk on the topic "Building products with empathy".

This talk is a reflection of how developing software is broken today. The hoops of roles between the hands that code and the hands that use a product keeps the product devoid of empathy. Something that is very core to build great products. Agile practices focus a lot of user feedback, but the way they have been embraced, the emotion of the feedback is lost in multiple translations that feedback goes through.
This talk is an attempt to present examples, ideas, experiments and observations made in last few years that highlight how changing the team setup and right practices can bring the emotion and empathy back into the development cycle. This is an attempt to distil practices that allows a team to build a great product.

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