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Hello! I am Rahul Shah.
Don't ignore the humane factor! Being human to human being.

What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?

It all starts with "Why?" and continues with multiple Why.
Why do we need to change the existing way of working?
Why not add the missing elements in the current methodology and get it ready?
Why spend too much time in the discussion?
Why change?
Why this project?
In my observation, the team asks multiple questions and shows reluctance to change for two reason
  1. They are not communicated WIIIFM
  2. They don't know the bigger picture of what they will be part of

Once the initial Whys are covered (it is a big challenge in itself), many a time, we do not get success in making the team Agile. And, I strongly feel that the missing factor is ignoring the humane side of Agile. All the time we talk about not using "resource" word for team member and we may not be using that, however, we may not treating them as a human being.

What do you plan to learn /explore at this conference?

Each and every person deals with a human being. Listen to their experiences and would like to connect the dots with how it relates to humane side of it. In today's world, not so easy to find people who are ready to share learnings from their failure story and would love to get those.
From the Agile Transformation perspective, I would like to know what measurable improvements can we show in 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks?
The third point which I would like to learn/explore at this gathering is about "Metric that matters"

How do you plan to contribute?

I would like to share my experiments on the humane aspects of individuals/team with the group and relate to their experiences. And contribution is not just related to the topic I have selected. I will contribute my experience/views on what others will be presenting/sharing as I would expect from others.
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