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What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?
Back in the year 2008 is when I was introduced to Agile as ours was one of the first teams in my organisation to experiment with Agile. With initial hiccups for a few months, it turned out to be great for the team. However, all later attempts were worse. One of the core reasons IMO for this counter-intuitive thing to happen was that the teams became more focused on being fast & furious, on being called Agile rather than being (the small letter 'a') agile.

Since then, I don't coach teams or individuals to be Agile. I coach them to be useful and fulfil their purpose. One fundamental idea I have in this direction is that today's Agile industry is creating an army of generalists in the name of full-stack engineers, "everybody's responsibility" and similar phrases. Some years from now it would bite us back, as specialists would be hard to find (that's happening today as well, it's going to get worse).

So, I coach engineers to specialise and be good at stuff that I teach and/or they want to explore rather than exploring the surface of a hundred things (I don't think such exploration is bad, however one must not think of creating a long term career from such exploration).

What do you plan to learn /explore at this conference?
I participate in conferences to confer. I want to validate my ideas and biases and learn new ideas (and biases :-)). There were many occasions when I have been proven wrong or somebody changed my direction in a big way. With experience adding to my intellectual baggage, my biases are growing stronger & ideas stagnant, so meeting the same people over and again is not going to help. This is the first time I would be participating in this camp. New people give me new hope and a fresh chance to learn.

How do you plan to contribute?
In any way I can. I can share ideas from the little experience I have. I can contribute by being a good listener or as a sounding board for new ideas. I can be a shoulder to lean on to cry about Agile woes. I can be the clapping hands for other's Agile success. I attempt to be a good coffee-break company. <If you are reading this, feel free to fill in any more reasons here and help me get to the camp :-)>.
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