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Refreshing Retros

led by KathyGettelfinger
posted by pmboos

NOTE: I remember as we established the marketplace that Kathy has seen teams suffer Retrospectve fatigue, meaning they seemed bored and less than fully engaged/participatory

Looks like they starte with the question: Why do we do retros?
- Catharsis (emotional/tension release)
- Continuous Improvement

What are some different types of Retros? (Looks more like techniques)
- Timeline
- Focused retro
- Fishbone
- 5 Why?'s
- Rolling retrospective

This seems more like Types:

Iteration Retros
Release Retros
Cross team retros
Project Retro/Close-out

Some mention of "retros gone bad", looks like this led to a comparison discussion as follows:

Works Well
Bringing data to retro
- velocity, defect count, etc.
Visual talking points
The shake-off creates a satisfied feeling and reduces catharsis
Different types
Prime Directive/No blame game
Focus on Action Items

Not So Well
Distributed team
Became rote
Action items not followed up
Blame game --> Chicken & Pig ratio led to blame game
- observers in the room
Too many people

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