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Ritu Arora


What is My Experience?

I am working as a Director Engg in a 15K+ people organization for more than 19 years. Traversed across from Mobile App development to Enterprise product handling to Cloud inception at business level and now into DevOps road taking DevSec hand in hand. I am a Safe Agilist and Agile coach of my organization also.

I lead one of the team of 120 people into agile transformation journey for a product with 50 Million users worldwide with revenue trend steeply increasing inspite of parallel cloud products in UC portfolio. Along with that handled many such teams in transformation journey.

Agile as per me cannot be taught, it has to be lived and followed. It’s a culture insight change and results follow.

What do I want to Learn?

Not everything can be experienced on own. Always good to learn with like minded people’s experience. I am hoping to do the same. Share and learn from their journey. Challenges increasing now a days with focus on optimization and productivity goals. Stress levels added to it along with completely new landscape of technological changes. Hope to learn how to handle such situations and transform along with them.

What do I plan to contribute?

Would love to share my experiences and take feedbacks on same. Staying in same environment and working with similar people stagnates us. We get a new and 360 perspective when we meet new people where no designation or past has any influence. I want to experience and learn in this forum and bring back some new challenges which I can set as my goals.

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