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What is my experience?

With 14 years of solid software development work I spend 4+ Years as Scrum Master and 1 year as Product Owner in a Product Based company. From traditional waterfall to XP and Scrum is part of my experience. Experimenting with new methods for continuous improvement is the key, and I have reached my experience with Hypnotherapy to change the belief systems as well.

What do I want to learn?
Our previous experiences and traditional beliefs are our worst enemies. Even if we want to improve, we can't. And changing these old beliefs is most difficult thing. Keeping our mind open like a child (who learn faster), is not everyone's cup of tea. Everything we do, or the way we behave is coded very firmly in our mind. Either we make the environment to accommodate learning time (and loose speed and time) to change our mind, or we just struggle for longer and fallback to where we started.

Things can be learned faster when we start on a clean slate.

What do I plan to contribute?

I would like to work on our Belief System. I can share some thoughts on accommodating new values and principles in our life in easy steps.
What can be our communication style, and thought process? How can I value when something I don't believe?