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What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?

I have been in this space for a decade now and have supported multiple teams in their journey to execute agile. Having said this its so important to have the right team in place to drill down the essence of agile , else its like pouring water in a broken pot . I have experienced teams not being able to accept the agile era as part of their day to day working but considering it as another beast adding burden . In addition a coach succeeds only if there is an aligned vision from the top.

What do you plan to learn/explore at this conference ?

Am looking forward to understanding what is the future for this role , seems to be misused now and it is getting tough to get the right people for this position. What are the boundaries of an agile coaches responsibilities , is there one ?
Will this role sustain ? If so in what form and shape . With business agility picking up need to understand what would be the future for business agility coaches; if they exist

How do you plan to contribute?

Am open to share my experiences from a services organisation perspective , and also contribute to the community , more so to the business agility space .Keen to safe guard this role for aspiring people so that they dont get sucked into the 'certification' bandwagon . Also interested to explore if this role can be a mainstream role for the next generation so that they get on the right track , interested in teaching also.
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