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Sanjay Kumar

What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?
I was introduced to extreme programming in 2001 by a colleague, but honestly, found it too extreme.
Then, somewhere around 2006 I started developing interest in Agile practices like incremental development, regular testing, etc. Finally, a structured Agile experience started in 2010 while working at Deutsche Bank (USA). We had some great Agile Coaches that helped us start right. There, I got valuable experience as Scrum Master for different teams. I have been an Agile believer since then.
For the past three years, I have been working as an independent Agile Coach and have helped a startup, some mid-size organizations and some big ones in their Agile journey. Currently, I am working with my first non-IT client.
Each team environment has its own challenges. Two things that have helped me succeed in my Agile engagements are an evolutionary approach to Agile transformation and active use of metrics, both Scrum and Kanban.
Besides Agile coaching, I have learned a lot from past four years of my Agile training experience that includes certification trainings such as KMP1/KMP2, ICP-ACC, PMI-ACP, CSD and ICP-ATF.

What do you plan to learn/explore at this conference?
I am certain we will have lot of Agile experience in the room - different industries, frameworks, challenges and successes. I plan to keep my mind open, sit like a sponge and absorb all I can. :-)

How do you plan to contribute?
I see most Agile Coaches have limited knowledge about Kanban Method and struggle with Kanban metrics. If there is enough interest, I can share what I know. I could share some models that I use in my trainings - Change Formula, 5 Enablers for Trust and Collaboration, 5 Dimensions of Capability and AgileFlow maturity assessment.