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Sathyan Sethumadhavan Position Paper In 2019

What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?

I have been part of larger agile teams, distributed and offshore teams for about 14 years now. In this journey I have worked with lot of customers varying from traditional organizations to start-ups, and working with them towards their Agile transformation journey. Last 4 years I have been spending time mostly with the product companies and building products using user-first product thinking approach, discovery based agile development. Also last 2 years, the products I have built is on AI and IOT, where applying regular Agile practices was always a challenge, giving the nature of maturity of that industries.

What do you plan to learn /explore at this conference?
During my journey of building products using AI , IOT and emerging technologies, I really experienced that “Hypothesis validation” is not really required. I always felt its a expensive experiment. When you believe and passionate about a subject and you are building a product for it, lot of times, the gut feel based approach and the user based product thinking really wins the game. I am interested to hear how others feel about this.

Two products which I have build one on AI and one on IOT, I didn’t have testers in the team, didn’t have clear requirements, as it was always a discovery based development. But still we didn’t face any production leakage. The whole onus is on developers. I challenge the agile ceremonies around requirements/testing, which we have been following . The question I have is have we moved on and is it time for us to relook at the agile practices considering the emerging technologies. Wanted to hear thoughts on this.

How do you plan to contribute?

I am happy to get involved in discussions around “Building large distributed agile teams”, Agile for product development etc..Also any other topics on Agile, where I can share my past experiences.