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Secret and Missing Sauce in Agile Coaches

• What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?

“Coaching” plays a big role in my earnest of being a self-confessed “Passionist”.

I derive a lot of energy towards coaching from my sports background which subtly defines my life choices and encounters.

When my career engine started in 2004, “trainer” was important bogey. Conducting classes on processes/technologies to certification exams (where I had to deal with folks with almost 5x my experience) …was an interesting challenge.

2013, is when the idea of Agile really caught my employer, I was one of the first to get a hang of its ethos, industry relevance and pioneered implementation of Agile Automation Strategy (which involved awareness, dialogue and coaching)

Coaching became more serious in 2014, when I landed as a “transformer”, was one of the key members tasked with starting

Dojo @ Bangalore and champion Agile and Engineering Transformation in our unique way. Focus was on Coaching multi-level positioned employees, with diverse experience and skill sets, not to mention all the human factors along the way.

1. Coaching Engineers on being open to idea’s, vulnerable to unknowns and letting go the what I call “EBC – Emotional
Bond With my Code”
2. Coaching mid-level leaders/front-line leaders on discovering a relationship with code (paved the way for their mindset change and developing empathy towards their team (still some distance)
3. Coaching leadership (Directors +) on industry trends, need to curate programs for the masses and wearing an Engineer’s hat when taking decisions is also fun.

Beyond Our Agile world, am also a coach/mentor for our corporate sports teams, from which I borrow a lot of Agile values.
In Nut-shell - Coaching for me started way back in early 2000’s, little did I realize that it would shape my future then. Fast forward 2 decades I am still learning and as well it should be.

• What do you plan to learn/explore at this conference?

o Broader aspects related on challenges, scaling, people issue etc is what we are there for, so always good to learn from peers on their approaches.
o In specific, I also would focus on sustenance of coaching and the needs for it?
o Are we really adopting the right approach towards the implementation of Agile in our industry?
o Are there secret sauces, that could add more credibility to the world of coaching?

• How do you plan to contribute?

o Our Approach to Our belief – “Being Agile than doing Agile”
o Share our experiences from our trans-formative framework “Dojo” on how we coach Engineers, Teams, Managers, Directors etc
o Finally propose a secret sauce, that I personally believe is essential for sustenance of coaching and coaches.