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Talent Management of Agile Teams

What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?
I was introduced to Agile few years back. Though I have had concerns and apprehensions in Agile transformation during introduction, experiences and results that followed built confidence. Today, I can't think of managing product development outside of Agile. In this journey of Agile adoption incrementally one team at a time, the challenges and experience have been unique. There is so much of material and support on Agile transformation, as a Leader, it takes devising approaches, for the teams to see the value through their individual/group experience. These experiences have helped/continue to help me improve on responding to situations.

What do you plan to learn/explore at this conference?
The success of Agile Transformation to Business is well understood, however, the success is largely dependent on teams appreciating the value offered and in understanding "what's in it for me?". These are the elements of Talent Management that start with identifying Business Titles, adapting rewards and recognition programs, individual and team performance reviews, and other aspects. This is what I plan to learn from peers through discussions during the conference.

How do you plan to contribute?
I would like to share my experience guiding R&D and Product Teams to adopt, adapt, and develop the agile mindset in building products incrementally. The challenges during this journey of transformation starting with the Teams adopt to new roles and practice agility, aligning Product, and cross-functional organizations are few points to cover during the discussions.