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The Path is the Destination

What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?

My journey in Agile started as a change agent in 2004 when my organization started its Agile transformation journey. What inspired me to stay on course with Agile is the customer centricity of the framework, feedback loop and fail fast approaches. Just in time and the detailed approach to planning changed the ‘go with the flow’ mindset to probe, own and contribute attitude. In the traditional approach the feeling was I am asked to do and not I am willing to do, it lacked the sense of ownership big time. Then graduated to be a scrum master and sustained the journey. In the recent years got opportunities to transform team ground up engaging from scratch, recourse the transformation when it was in progress and restart the journey in a different organization when leadership did not see tangible benefits. In this journey the most difficult challenge is to be an enabler for unlearning and learning. Somewhere along the journey the people are stuck with the mindset that they have seen it before and bringing a fresh perspective. The assumptions and anti-patterns have been an eye-opener and working around them has been very interesting as everyone involved is not at the same level of understanding. In the process of these transformation journeys have found myself evolving as a person.. Somehow it pushed me from the problem domain to the solution domain.

What do you plan to learn /explore at this conference?

I would like to explore the following in the conference
1. How to make organizations realize the value of being agile vs doing agile? While the journey starts with doing agile and we are able to reasonably reach the goal we are stuck at this point. Graduating to being agile is lost in the journey while that’s the destination. Legacy, culture, insecurities deeply impact the maturity of the journey. People are stuck in the mindset.
2. Metrics and other measurements – While the whole industry in trending to a data driven approach, to measure the efficiency and effectiveness need more details on the metrics and other measurements that will constantly enthuse the leadership during the initial phases. With maturity the qualitative changes bought into the ecosystem will kick in and the transformation will become more visible. The anti-patterns like rolling up velocity, story points are wrong assumptions which keep coming up time and again in reporting.
3. What is the mark of being agile? How do we realize this? Is cycle time a measure of the same? How can it be made tangible.
4. Understand from peers how they have handled challenges in these areas share my experience and ability to coach the coaches working with you.
5. What kind of executive reports can be keep the interest of the executive leadership kindled

How do you plan to contribute?

Metrics, measurement and governance is my area of interest and want to explore on what is being currently done and how my peers are handling it their respective areas. Integrated planning approach from roadmap to delivery and how working in silos have impacted our organization. Can contribute to each others learnings and challenges and how it was handled in our context.