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This site is obsolete, please visit www.agilecoachcamp.us

US Agile Coach Camp | Columbus, Ohio | September 2011

Obsolete!! Visit www.agilecoachcamp.us

the unconference for Agile Coaches

Agile Coach Camp

the unconference for Agile Coaches

Presented by Columbus State Community College

Come and get S'mores! Let's get together, learn and share, network, and most importantly have fun 

September 23 - 25, 2011

At Columbus State Community College Center For Workforce Development

Separate Agile Games Day on September 23
(Games Day info coming soon)

This is the original Agile Coach Camp, with lineage back to Ann Arbor

Registration starts in April - exact date pending so check back often

Conference limited to 75 participants.

Coach Camp is an open space conference event for practicing Agile coaches.

Come to the camp to expand your networks, learn from thought leaders, and try out your new theories with fellow practitioners

This year, our facilitator is professional encourager, facilitator, and bringer-of-joy, Mike Sutton, of Wizewerx in the UK. From the website:
I started Wizewerx Skills Workshops because I’m passionate about helping people learn and use their learning to improve their lives... we don’t provide training. We facilitate learning.

This year's theme is Get S'mores, a play on words for that favorite camping treat...

Come have s'more fun. s'more learning, and s'more games!

Gather around the passionate fire of the Camp and deepen your coaching knowledge and connections!


We are actively seeking sponsors.

You can find details on the Sponsor Page or alternatively you can directly download our flyer for details.

Our Sponsor/Volunteer Lead is Siraj Sirajuddin; you will find his contact information on the flyer.

Finally, we are accepting Sponsorship donations directly on Chip-in; just click below to donate. (You will receive the appropriate level credit once Agile Philanthropy processes it.)

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Starts Friday, September 23 at 5 pm, and ends late afternoon on Sunday.


At Columbus State Community College Center For Workforce Development


Optional Game Day Friday $40
Conference $20
Optional Polo Shirt $40
You get a conference facility, a chance to meet other agile coaches, and meals for a minimum cost of $40 - who can beat that????

Lodging and meals

Lodging at surrounding hotels is being negotiated to give you a better rate. More information in March.
We will have catered meals, (yes vegetarians will be accommodated) included in your ridiculously low rate. Menu will be coming soon.

Registration Details

Registration via Event Brite will be available in early April. Participation is limited to around 75, so stay on your toes!

Swag won't be included (to keep costs down) but nice Polo shirts will be available on a pre-pay basis for $40.

Any proceeds (after expenses) will be donated to Mano a Mano, Haiti Partners, and a local Ohio Charity yet to be named.

Games Day

The optional Games Day will precede the agile coach camp and be held Friday morning until 5:00.

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To see continued postings and such, look for the #accus or #accus2011 hashtag on Twitter! Or follow us directly at @acc_us

More information pages coming soon: