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Agile Coaching is a dead-end job, What is next?

  • With so much disruption in the last 20 years, companies are looking for anything that can help them. Agile is being sold as a silver bullet and companies are realizing at best Agile can show the mirror and highlight the challenges, but the organizations still need to find ways to solve these problems. So companies are losing trust in Agile
  • Agile is heavily commercialized and many coaches are losing interest
  • And for many more reasons, some of us (coaches) are feeling that agile coaching is losing its true essence.

So what do we do?

  • We could look for the next wave or create the next wave and jump on it
  • Some coaches are going off and starting their own companies to do what they love doing, create a real impact
  • Some coaches are taking full-time jobs with organizations, where they are higher up the leadership level, to actually drive the change they want

What else are coaches doing?

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