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The subjects tackled at AgileCoachCamp 2008 will, of course, depend on WhoAreWeIn2008 ... because WE will set the agenda ourselves!

  • our agenda will emerge as the conference proceeds, based on the questions and passions you bring with you
  • come prepared to question, listen, encourage, share what you know, and admit what you still need to learn!
  • Read more about OpenSpace

So: what are you passionate about? Could be something you've learned, or an experience report, or it could simply be an unanswered question!

There's no need to prepare slides (we probably won't have a projector!) or handouts, unless you really, really want to. Instead, we prefer to sit in a circle and talk, gesture and draw on a flip chart.
  • OK, so a projector does come in handy for sharing code or tools... but please, don't count on projecting your powerpoint decks - there will intentionally be too few projectors for that lol !

Let others know what you want to talk/gesture/draw about, by pitching your topic or question on the 2008 Potential Topics forum. We don't need to know in advance, but if you'd like to get people thinking about it, this is one way. Also read how Staying On Top of Your Game is possible.

Looking for inspiration? Check out the list on our LightningTalks page.

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