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Use these graphics and tools to help promote Agile Coach Camp!
  ID T Filename Name Description Created / Uploaded Last modified Uploaded by Files
29 agiletransgreen.png New Agile Coach Camp Logo Courtesy of pro bono work by Kimberly Vohsen http://kvohsen.carbonmade.com/
Fri 2011-07-01 Fri 2011-07-01 pmboos
28 acc-us_2011_sponsor_flyer-revised.pdf ACC-US 2011 Sponsor Flyer This file contains details for how to sponsor the US 2011 Agile Coach Camp. Wed 2011-03-16 Wed 2011-03-16 pmboos
5 agilecoachcamp_tiny_160px.jpg AgileCoachCamp2008 Logo (tiny) Just put a link to this badge on your blog using this code:
[a href="http://www.agilecoachcamp.org"][img src="http://wiki.agilecoachcamp.org/img/logos/agilecoachcamp-3_182px.jpg" alt="Join us at AgileCoachCamp May 2008!" border=0/][/a]
Mon 2007-12-03 Mon 2008-01-28 debhart
3 AgileCoachCamp_Cards_small.pdf AgileCoachCamp2008 Cards These little cards will help you tell folks about the event. For example, Naresh handed them out at SDTconf. Print and cut and go. Mon 2007-12-03 Mon 2008-01-28 debhart
2 AgileCoachCamp_Poster.pdf AgileCoachCamp2008 Poster Use this poster wherever you want, to promote the event Mon 2007-12-03 Mon 2008-01-28 debhart