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Dates for avoid for AgileCoachCamp2010 Germany

NOTE: we have discussed which weekends are possible in light of this info. See this page for the list of weekends under consideration. It's now up to the Venue committee to tell us which dates they can find good places for.
See: ACC2010DE_VenueConsiderations

A place to collect the dates that we should avoid when choosing dates for the acc in germany.
The conference should take place BEFORE July 1st and probably AFTER March 1st due to organization and planning.


9 weekends (Fr-Su) available, taking into account all avoidable dates:

Weekend (Sat. date)notes
March 6x
March 20r1c2
March 27
(April 10)right after school holidays, ski week
(April 17)close to Retro Gathering. Deb will ask Retro people if interested in doing both close together, and report back
May 1
(May 29)too close to XP2010?
June 12
June 19

All dates:


05.-07.03. (free - Osterferien)
08.-10.03. Orlando Scrum Gathering
19.-21.03. (free - Osterferien)
26.-28.03. (free - Osterferien)
29.03. XPday Suisse (French)


02.-05.04. Ostern (there are school holidays around this time as well, probably between 29.3. and 11.4.)
08.-09.04. Agile Central Europe (tentative?) http://agilece.com/
10.-11.04. (free - Osterferien)
16.-18.04. (free - Osterferien)
19.-23.04. Retrospective Facilitator Gathering
30.04-02.05. (free)


01.05. Tag der Arbeit (school holiday)
03.05 http://scrum-day.de/
03.-07.05. JAX (Agile Day is 3rd of May only)
12.-15.05. WOSonOS Berlin
13.-05. Himmelfahrt (school holiday)
16.-19.05. PLOP Sweden and SPA London http://www.spaconference.org/spa2010/index.php
24.05. Pfingstmontag (school holiday)
25.-26-05. XPdays France
28.-30.05. (free - Pfingstferien)

NOTE: 14.05-05.06. Pentecost (Pfingsten) there are school holidays around this time

Agile Open Belgium (some time in the Spring, undetermined)


01.-04.06. XP 2010
03.06. Fronleichnahm (in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland. In some parts of Saxony and Thuringia.)
11.-13.06. (free)
17.-19.06. International Coaches Federation Europe (Paris)
18.-20.06. (free)
21.-25.06. Karlsruher Entwicklertage
24.-30.06. German school holidays starting


01.-01.07. Java Forum Stuttgart

German school holidays: http://www.schnelle-online.info/Sommerferien.html

Question: German Easter school holidays range from 08.03. (Hamburg) to 17.04. (Schleswig-Holstein) - how to deal with it?
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