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This page is intended to collect all the topics related to how do the organisers reach Rückersbach, so we can share a car if possible, and what material relevant to the camp do they bring with them.

Current travel route:
29.4 By car. Stuttgart->Rückersbach. I will be there already on Thursday evening so I can support Mike - who arrives also Thu evening - with his preparation on Friday.
30.4 I might be able to pick up people from the train stations if needed, but supporting Mike has, IMO, priority.
2.5 By Car. Rückersbach->Mainz to the JAX Conference
Mainz->München by car either 3.5 in the evening or 7.5 in the evening, exact plan still TBD

I will bring a printer (inkjet, colour, only A4) and paper.

30.04. 08:47-13:34 HH->Aschaffenburg by train.
2.5. Rückersbach->Mainz for JAX, by train or shared car

Will bring a beamer, slackline, agile jeopardy game

Other sources:
* Wii with 2 guitars
* Instruments: saxophon, gitarre(?)

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