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ACCDE 2010 - ideas on topics, slogans, etc

This page is meant as a place to brainstorm possible topics (or "focus fields") for the Agile Coach Camp 2010 in Germany.

*PLEASE contribute and discuss*

Some ideas on Topics/Focus:

  • Common grounds (of all Agile-methd.)
  • "Hard" Agile (whats Agile today?)
  • Motivation (of individuals, teams, organizations?)
  • "Growing" Agile (vs. "building" metaphor)
  • take up the "surfing" metaphor
  • "Seeding" Agile
  • something about Craftsmanship (software development needs solid roots, otherwise Agile does not help either...). Coaches should be aware of this.
  • ... add your ideas!

(all draft state! brainstorming ...)

  • Growing beyond
  • Growing Agility
  • Stop building, start growing
  • From architects to farmers
  • (hmmm, i'm lacking surfing vocabulary...!)
  • AAA - Triple Agile Rating (pure brain dump, imagine an agile rating system for organizations)
  • Seed Agile, Grow Agile, Mature Agile
  • ... add your ideas!

Former ACC slogans:

  • ACC 09: Pushing the Boundaries while Keeping Agile Simple
  • ACC 10: Delivering Value to Those Delivering Value
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