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I looked for alternatives which
1. ...need minimum administrational work on our side (thats why i
ruled out self-hosted software and all CMS-based stuff in favor of a
2. ...are more intuitive (and fun) to use than the Tiki-Wiki, so that
we have a lower barrier for interaction and participation
3. ...can be customized somehwat (if we want), so we can build an
attractive website to promote the acc-event.

In the end my favourites were pbwiki.com and wikispaces.com -
wikispaces is even more comfortable to use (more guided dialogues for
embedding widgets) but puts Google-Ads on all free wikis. Pbwiki does
not put any ads on your site and also is very easy to use yet

Major advantages:

  • Easier Wiki-Interface (WYSIWYG), no need to learn wiki syntax
  • custom navigation tree is editable, sidebar is editable (better
  • subdomain like agilecoachcamp.pbworks.com possible
  • its easy to stucture pages in a hierachy
  • Easier photo upload, linking to pages, etc.
  • Comment directly on pages
  • Notifications on page updates
  • quite useful tooltips as help on first visits
  • HTML+CSS possible when editing in source view
  • OpenID-Support for login


  • we cannot set permissions per page (possible at wikispaces.com, if
we agree to tolerate the text ads on our wiki)
  • content separated from "global" agilecoachcamp-site
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