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These pages need not be chronological. If something isn't complete or quite right, correct it in place. If you want to register an opposing viewpoint, try parenthetically citing a new page who's name plays off of the original title.

Formatting rules:

* Use a blank line to separate paragraphs. Normally, lines are run together to fill the page.

* Don't indent unless you want to use one of the special formatting rules below.

* Use a line of 4 or more dashes to separate sections. This displays a horizontal rule.

* Highlight text by enclosing it in multiple single-quotes. Italicize by using two/double single-quotes. Bold face by using three/triple single-quotes. Use no more than one per line. Highlight sparingly, only when it clarifies information. Too many highlights confuse readers.

Some special formatting rules for things that aren't supposed to flow together:

* Make bullets by starting a line with a star (*). Use more stars to indent deeper. Use a number sign (#) instead of a star for numbered outlines. Keep each bullet on a single line which can be as long as you want.

* Any other whitespace will be preserved in front of preformatted text. Use a few blanks in front of listings, tables, addresses and such to have them appear as-is.

Some tips for linking pages together:

* Type web URLs out fully. Include all http... stuff at the start. Wiki makes the whole thing a hyperlink. freelance writing jobs and mailto are other kinds of URLs you may use.

* Type web URLs for Pictures the same way. If the file is an image (.gif, .jpeg or .jpg) Wiki includes it inline.

* Make your own pages by simply refering to them with short phrases all run together. The kind of link you get depends on whether the page is already in the repository.

Below are GoodStyle writing tips that should not only be followed when creating a wiki page, but also when writing in general. These applies to those who have bloggers, news reporters, and all those who scribe.

"Young writers often suppose that style is a garnish for the meat of prose, a sauce by which a dull dish is made palatable. Style has no such separate entity; it is nondetachable, unfilterable. The beginner should approach style warily, realizing that it is himself he is approaching, no other; and he should begin by turning resolutely away from all devices that are popularly believed to indicate style--all mannerisms, tricks, adornments. The approach to style is by way of plainness, simplicity, orderliness, sincerity."

--Strunk and White, "The Elements of Style"

And thus an American textbook, typical required reading for 10th-grade English students, unknowingly extols some virtues of WabiSabi

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