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Introverts and Extroverts


1. Facilitator: SaleemSiddiqui

2. Participants: GlennWaters, AlanHensel, LindaCook, KathyGettelfinger, KatieMcCroskey, MichaelSahota.

3. This session was not intended to be a scholarly discussion on the subject, simply a sharing of our views and feelings. Correspondingly, this document is not a thesis but a narrative.


The Wikipedia article on Extraversion and Introversion provides reasonable background definitions for our purpose.

An extrovert draws energy from the crowd. An introvert draws energy from within.


  • Coaching involves observing in large parts.

  • While Agile enablement can span several styles, it can be useful to look at it as three largely distinct styles: Telling, Mentoring, Coaching

  • Introversion and Extraversion is largely situational. How we act depends a lot on the situation.

  • Knowing yourself helps manage your stress levels during the difficult art of coaching / enablement.

Low InstructionHigh Instruction
"High Support"Socratic TeachingCoaching
"Low Support"ObservingClassroom-style teaching


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