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What's this conference about?

A note from Naresh and Deb:

We are looking for passionate and responsible individuals - XP Coaches, Scrum Masters, Trainers, Change Agents and Mentors. If you are actively engaged in helping a team or organization adopt Lean or Agile software development, or in helping an established team sustain their continuous improvement, we hope you will attend!

AgileCoachCamp will be organized as a free, collaborative OpenSpace event to help us leverage what we already know and discover how much more there is yet to try. We are excited about the lean and agile way of working. We are always learning, and we think this is the peer-fect way to learn :-)

Using the martial arts learning model of Shu-Ha-Ri levels of learning, this conference is particularly targeted at people who think they are at or approaching the "Ri" or master level and want to push the limits.

Along the way we also hope to model, as transparently as we can, a way to run a simple, sponsored conference, and to encourage others to do so.

Why create YAC (Yet Another Conference) ?

"Necessity is the mother of invention". We think none of the existing conferences focus on "Ri" level learning in a concentrated way. We need time out from teaching newcomers (an excellent activity!) to learn from our peers. In fact at Ri level, it's not so much learning as a lot of exploring, reflecting, creating, and don't forget laughing!
  • "Hey! What do you think of this new idea?"
  • "We want feedback on this technique we're developing / we have developed"
  • "I want to discuss something that's not yet commonplace (dare I say, 'cutting edge') in the agile world"

To help us keep this conference focused and high quality, we are going to request participants to submit a Position Paper as part of their registration. More about Position Papers here.

Online write-ups about the conference:

These online articles are about AgileCoachCamp and those who participated in it. And based on these on these online testimonials and other interested parties can benefit from the discussions.

For more on this conference, please see our 2008 InvitationLetter

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