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View our list of generous 2010Sponsors

Why Do We Need Sponsors?
Agile Coach Camp is a community driven, non-profit conference. To make this happen we need support from organizations and individuals with an interest in fostering this community. One way to support the event is to sponsor something from the list below. Please note that we do not have different levels of sponsorship, please read on.

How it Works:
To simplify administration, since we're all volunteers, we solicit sponsorship in kind, instead of collecting and disbursing money ourselves. So, for example if you decide to sponsor conference T-Shirts, your organisation would pay the vendor directly and have them ship the t-shirts to the venue. Or, if you decide to sponsor breakfast on one day, then we would work it out with a food vendor and send you a vendor invoice, so you can pay them directly. (Some vendors might need advances and we would need you to work that out with them. too).

Contact Person:
Linda Cook is our volunteer sponsorship co-ordinator. Email Linda once you've had a look at the list below.

What Do Sponsors Get In Return?
Oh, in addition to our eternal gratitude, there's visibility before and during the event:
  • Logo on the website (homepage and wiki)
  • 2 Sheets of material in the delegate kit
  • one 8x11 poster at the event (on the sponsors wall, if we can find space)
  • It would also be nice to have the sponsor send a practitioner(with a position paper, of course) to be a participant and hold an OpenSpace session just like anyone else! Some particpants would be really interested to know more about the company and what you do.
    • Note: this isn't the place for a fancy dog-and-pony show! Please keep it simple (see WhatTheEventWillBeLike )

What Can You Sponsor?

exclaim Vendor is planned/chosen by the Organizers.
question Vendor is collaboratively planned by Sponsor and Organizers
arrow Sponsor decides and confirms with Teresa, the Sponsorship Admin.

High Priority Items in need of sponsors highlighted in Red.

Following items needs sponsors:
  • Infrastructure - exclaim
    • Venue fees (if not donated) - price around $2000?
      • includes rental of space
      • insurance, if needed
  • Open Space facilitator exclaim
    • facilitator's fees for two days plus prep $2000
    • travel and accommodation
  • Food question
    • Refreshments for socialising on Friday evening, especially for those who don't want the high-energy of LightningTalks. People will be arriving from the airport, possibly hungry, definitely tired. Let's provide some nice snacks and beverages (non-alcoholic) to help them relax. We might also have some light Buffet Dinner .
    • Breakfast for 100 people for 2 days
      • Breakfast Saturday 75 people * $7.50 per person =570 USD
      • Breakfast Sunday 75 people * $7.50 per person =570 USD
      • NOTE: Breakfast must support heavy concentration and passionate discussion! So doughnuts and coffee are not sufficient. Should include water, real juice, herbal teas, preferably some protein - meat, cream cheese, etc. And don't forget our vegetarian friends.
    • Lunch for 100 people for 2 days. Buffet. Accomodate 30% hearty vegetarian food. Vegetarian food should be served apart so it can be clearly identified. Again, we need brain food.
      • Saturday: 100 * 12 USD = 1200 USD -
      • Sunday : 75 Sun Lunch * 12 USD = 900 USD
    • Snacks and beverages (tea, non-caf herbal teas, coffee, water, real juice, sodas, etc), including protein snacks, throughout both the days. Snacks with sesame are good. Dried fruits and nuts is a good option (Naresh can explain appropriate amounts).
      • Saturday/Sunday Estimate : 100 people * 2 days * 6 USD = 1200 USD
        • includes nuts, fruits, sesame snacks, which organizers will arrange for, as caterer won't handle these
  • Domain & Web hosting exclaim
    • 200 USD to sponsor all of 2007 and 2008, for web page & wiki
  • Delegate kit bags. Budget is $400. Bare minimum is :
    • cardboard folders from dollar store (recylcable, simple, "good enough" :-)
  • Stationery. We think it will cost less than $200. arrow

||What|Who will buy|Who will bring
3x5 index cards, white, 500 or so
Super Sticky Post-its, 2 small packages (3m Brand) for agenda
Super Sticky Post-its, lots in 2 colours (3m Brand) for retrospective
roll of 10" paper for retrospective
75 Pens
75 Notebooks
8 Easels and flip charts
20+ Non-solvent Markers
One package letter-size blank paper
200 name tags
narrow markers for name tags
Healthy snacks

  • A small amount of stuff will need to be printed

exclaim Vendor planned/chosen by the Organizers.
question Vendor collaboratively planned by Sponsor and Organizers
arrow Sponsor's will decide and confirm with Organizer

The following items would be great to add to the conference, once Must Haves are sponsored:
  • 100 conference T-Shirts with only AgileCoachCamp logo on them. Black or navy with green logo arrow
  • Evening outings on Friday and Saturday: The group might want to head out to a bar and hang around in the evening. The group will decide where they want to go and we'll make a reservation before hand. We can have 2 sponsors, 1 sponsor each evening,. The sponsor opens the tab upto the limit. Once we hit the limit, the sponsor closes the tab and people are free to continue on their own tab. exclaim
    • 750$ USD for Friday night.
    • 750$ for Saturday night.
  • Delegate kit bags. Some possibilities: question
    • cardboard folders from dollar store (recylcable, simple, "good enough" :-)
    • portable briefcase http://www.promopeddler.com/Detail/63121/SF656
    • computer backpack. Examples: 1 2 3 [http://search.promopeddler.com/q-computer-backpack*a10--20-_P10_20*search.htm?PageSize=10&ViewIn=grid|more]
  • More Infrastructure
    • Small Printer(black and white) to print people's head shot as they register (Loan) arrow
    • Large Pannel LCD (Loan) arrow
    • Depending on the venue, we might need:
      • Wireless routers
      • Power bars
      • Projectors
Additional Notes from the Organizers:
Admittedly, we don't do a whole lot for our sponsors - it's by design. We hope that a group will sponsor AgileCoachCamp as a good citizen of this community of practice. Many companies which have sponsored similar conferences, like Simple Design and Testing conference, have done it out of goodwill. Certainly, not driven by their marketing departments :-)

How to Get Involved
Please drop us a note at sponsor at agilecoachcamp.org

Other ideas for sponsored items (to be discussed):

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