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If you are looking for a venue, please consider these criteria. (It is possible that we have missed out some important criteria, that matters to you, please update the list).

  • Capacity: How many people can this place accommodate?
  • Is there space for large circle for opening and closing of each day? if it's big enough to hold 200 in auditorium style, it will be large enough for 80-100 in concentric circles.
  • Is there adequate space close by for eating. it will be ideal if there is a space close by to the large meeting room with buffet and tables for 5-8 people each, with enough for 80-100 people.
  • Cost: Do we need to pay some fee for using the facility or will it be sponsored by the host?
  • Would we need some kind of insurance? In the past when I have tried to organize conference in Universities, they have asked me 50k USD insurance cover.
  • How far is the venue from an international airport?
  • Accommodations: Does the venue provide accommodation (how expense)? Else can we find a range of hotels/motels close by?
  • Flow: How far are the breakout rooms from the central large space? (During the last SDTConf, we had one big hall and 3 break out rooms with projectors right next to/inside the hall. I think it worked out very well. I have seen that if the distance is big then it creates all kinds of issues.)
  • Will they provide us with projectors (for sharing source code, for example) or do we need to carry them?
  • What about wireless internet access? Or at least a wired internet access which we can then use a wireless router.
  • Lounge: Is there open space around the main area which can be used for participants to hang around? Could be as simple as office chairs and tables.
  • Can we post things on the walls? If not, are there are solutions? ex: pin boards, "sticky walls" which that paper sticks lightly to. There is usually also need to hang a few posters.
  • Will the venue provide stationery like Flip-charts, whiteboards, markers, access to printer to print stuff, etc
  • Access to buildings on weekend? Do we need any special permission to get into and out of the building? If so, how do we manage this?
  • Best time of the year? What would be the best time of the year to host this event in this city/venue? Is the venue available during that session?
  • Any disturbance (noise) around the conference halls?
  • Does the venue have paid or free Coffee/Tea/Soda etc Vending machine (nice to have).
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