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I started in 1994 as software support which I saw as the best way to customer driven programming.
After a few years working as a programmer, I started to follow a 1 year course on leading groups. For me IT is more then anything else working with people. A skills that can never be learned enough.
That is also the reason why one of two books I read every month, has nothing to do with IT, but with personal skills.

I'm a passionate believer of the McCarthy Core Protocols.

I did 2 years of gestalt training to optimize my coaching skills.

I work as an agile coach helping teams all around EMEA.

I started PairCoaching.net because I believe that 2 trainers always outperform 1 trainer, no matter how good they are. My Leadership workshops show this result also works with people that never met eachother.
I am the father of Joppe (2002), Bent (2004), Geike (2007), when I'm not helping teams, I use agile idea's to raise my kids.

On the 1ste of Januray 2010 I started the Agile Retroflection of the day.

You can find me on Social Media as YvesHanoulle

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