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I am Jeff Grigg of Saint Louis, Missouri.

Certified Computer Professional: http://iccp.org/

of PositionPapers2008: JeffGriggPositionPaper

Currently employed at Asynchrony Solutions: http://www.asolutions.com/

(A curse upon computers! Our corporate site is down at the moment!!! )-:

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Planning Details:
  • I'll drive in from Saint Louis on Friday, and drive back on Sunday afternoon. This may seem crazy given today's gas prices, but given the inconvenient flight times available (...since TWA went under so Saint Louis is no longer a hub! )-: Driving is a quite a bit more agile — at roughly the same cost.
  • I've made my reservations at the Ann Arbor Baymont Inn and Suites, among this group's reserved rooms. The swimming pool looks nice!
  • Perhaps I should bring my Yoga mat, given that I'll be missing two classes to attend this conference. (Certainly, I'll bring my YogaPaws ... if I can remember where I put them!!! ;-)

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