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A Position Paper is a plain text response to the following questions:
  • What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?
  • What do you plan to learn /explore at this conference?
  • How do you plan to contribute?

A Position Paper is your Price-of-Admission:

We are looking for passionate and responsible individuals - XP Coaches, Scrum Masters, Trainers, Change Agents and Mentors. If you are actively engaged in helping a team or organization adopt Lean or Agile software development, or in helping an established team sustain their continuous improvement, please mark the date! The event is free, well almost - the cost of admission is merely this: your position paper.

Read last year's Position Papers.

Still want to know more?

Your position paper must include at least one Potential Topic you might be interested in hosting as a session. You don't have to be an expert in the topic, in fact you might not even have a clue about this topic, but you are interested in posing it as a question, exploring it. Questions make great session topics. Please note that these are potential topics, not final. If you want to start your conversation early, we have a Forum for potential topics, but the final list will be "whatever happens" on the Saturday of the conference, when we collaborate to create an agenda.

The conference will be free. Your Position Paper (and, following that, your time, energy and passion) is the real investment you are making.

Note: Position Papers will be public (but anonymous) after they are reviewed. This might help others decide whether this event interests them, or what they want to talk about.

Rationale for requesting position papers

What we've seen at various leading conferences like OOPSLA, AWTA (Austin Workshop on Test Automation), AAFTTVW (Agile Alliance Functional Testing Tool Visioning Workshop), SDTConf (Simple Design and Testing Conference), etc is that having people write a position paper before coming to a conference leads to better discussion because people have thought about what they want from the conference. You don't spend half the time figuring out what you want to figure out.

Position papers are rarely rejected. If we are not happy with the position paper, we might ask the participant specific questions to help them come up with a better position paper.

Recently at the Simple Design and Testing Conference, we introduced similar position papers. The feedback from the participants was that it was a great idea and it really helped them come more prepared to the conference. Out of 82 position papers, we sadly had to reject 8 position papers (after giving them enough feedback and time). Basically they worked very well for us and we would like to continue using the same technique till we discover a better one.

You can look at position papers that were submitted for the Simple Design and Testing Conference here.

A EcoSystem in product development" class="wiki wiki_page">Agile for EcoSystem in product development makes an excellent springboard for a Lightning Talk, though you may choose to talk about something entirely different, too. See LightningTalks for a list of ways to approach and see Research Papers for help in obtaining the best topic and content for your position paper.

The 2008 Ann Arbor Position Papers!!

  1. BrianMarickPositionPaper
    • coaching teams as an independent consultant since 1991
  2. Fail_Fast_WHY
    • transformation of a hard-core waterfall company
  3. PositionPaper2
    • experiences rich and replete with success and failure
  4. NayanHajratwalaPositionPaper
    • independent consultant assisting a major financial company
  5. PositionPaper4
    • professional trainer for large and medium-sized IT companies in India
  6. PositionPaper5
    • Teaching and coaching developers for little more than a decade
  7. PositionPaper6
    • from a company just beginning their Agile journey
  8. StuPerronPositionPaper
    • CSM, PMP and part of the company's Project Office
  9. BillWakePositionPaper
    • coach and manager, creator of XP123.com
  10. DeborahHartmannPositionPaper
    • coach and trainer, lead editor of InfoQ.com/Agile
  11. RonJeffriesPositionPaper
    • on-site coach of the first Extreme Programming project
  12. ChetHendricksonPositionPaper
    • Training and coaching teams in XP since the turn of the century
  13. GeorgeDinwiddie_ProcessEngineeringBalance
    • having coached from two vantage points as an insider, and as an outsider
  14. PositionPaper9
    • belongs to a group of coaches/apprentice coaches that support the organization
  15. PositionPaper10
    • transforming organisations and teams
  16. MarkWaitePositionPaper
    • asked to lead the effort to bring agile into their organization
  17. DonGrayPositionPaper
    • Working with companies moving to another way to developing products
  18. PositionPaper12
    • Business and Quality Assurance Supervisor
  19. ChrisSims_WhyDoAgileTeamsSucceedOrFail
    • What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  20. PositionPaper13
    • Project/Development Manager with a strong faith in XP
  21. HenrikKnibergPositionPaper
    • Outside Agile Coach - CTO at 3 Swedish IT companies over the last 10 years
  22. Lissette Wells Position Paper
    • oversees programmers and project managers in a tech group
  23. PositionPaper15
    • Performance Testing Coach, coaching/mentoring the projects teams in agile
  24. Good Enough Agile and Post agile
    • Coaching IT Managers, Product Owners, Testers and Developers
  25. PositionPaper17
    • Transforming one of the divisions of a media company
  26. RogerBrownPositionPaper
    • Member of the Scrum Alliance group to develop a Certified Scrum Coach program
  27. HeleneGidley Position Paper
    • Mentoring teams on Agile practices since 2003
  28. PositionPaper20
    • Coaching Projects to Coaching Managers
  29. Linda M Cook Position Paper
    • Teaching Scrum, XP, applying Lean
  30. PositionPaper31
    • developed a set of tools based on the OASIS SOA Blueprint methodology that allow the business to specify its natural joints in such a way that technical architecture can flex
  31. PositionPaper33
    • Interested in teaching how to create evolvable designs
  32. PositionPaper34
    • Introducing Agile in an large organization which has shown an extreme resistance to change
  33. Lisamarie Babik - Position Paper
    • (Agile) Evangelist in Residence
  34. GlennBernsohnPositionPaper
    • Opt-in/Opt-out: The Country Club metaphor
  35. PositionPaper36
    • a coach providing hands on introduction to the code base and the agile process
  36. TracyBeesonPositionPaper
    • planning to bring new ideas and challenge the ideas of others
  37. PositionPaper38
    • coming from a combined BA/Usability background
  38. RobParkPositionPaper
    • began working with Agile processes around 1998
  39. PositionPaper40
    • researched various agile practices and eventually decided on Scrum
  40. SusanDavisPositionPaper
    • development manager transforming her development organization to get xP@Scrum right
  41. KateTehPositionPaper
    • Senior developer turned Agile Product Owner
  42. Atri Basu - Position Paper
    • Software Development Intern
  43. PositionPaper41
    • Change management importance in Scrum implementation
  44. Using Scrum in Detroit
    • Java Developer turned Scrum Master
  45. WilliamPietriPositionPaper
    • Doing and coaching Agile methods since 2000, mainly in internet startups
  46. DeclanWhelanPositionPaper
    • It's all about the team.
  47. NareshJainPositionPaper
    • Coach who can play
  48. pmboos_paper
    • Coming ABoard - 3 months of Making My Team More Agile
  49. JeffGriggPositionPaper
    • Agile/XP Coach
  50. AlexeyKrivitskyPositionPaper
    • Upcoming Agile Coach from Ukraine
  51. MikeCottmeyerPositionPaper
    • PMP certified Professional ;)
  52. GamonHowardPositionPaper
    • Change Agent, Project Manager, and Methodology Consultant
  53. MarkScrimshirePositionPaper
    • Web 2.0 and Agile Enthusiast
  54. Jeff_McWherter_PositionPaper
    • Evangelizing the Agile religion
  55. SowmyaSrinivasanPositionPaper
    • J2EE Developer Practicing Scrum
  56. DanielDavisPositionPaper
    • Our "devils advocate" during the camp
  57. CarltonNettletonPositionPaper
    • Corporate change agent
  58. MikeSuttonPositionPaper
    • Software developer, agile guide/coach/mentor, human improvement agent.
  59. YongHowPositionPaper
    • hooked on Agile practices
  60. JeremyAndersonPositionPaper
    • How do you infect Agile into a traditionally Waterfall team?
  61. NilanjanRaychaudhuriPositionPaper
    • recently involved in a 200 member Scrum team
  62. MatVanVleetPositionPaper
    • like to understand Agile Blending Techniques
  63. PatrickWilsonWelshPositionPaper
    • Getting Pragmatic about Agility for Pragmatists
  64. KevinSmithPositionPaper
    • Better, faster, balanced?? still looking
  65. KenRitchiePositionPaper
    • Helping others build great systems and businesses
  66. JeffPattonPositionNote
    • Coaching is a critical role in Agile adoption
  67. LJJohnsonPositionPaper
    • eager to learn techniques to assist in this mental shift necessary to move towards Agile
  68. DugSongPositionPaper
    • In the process of doing it now, in his third startup
  69. AbdulHabraPositionPaper
    • What is post agile? Where do we go next?
  70. AmandaLauncherPositionPaper
    • learned through reading and speaking with other people who had been through the process
  71. IsabelleTherrienPositionPaper
    • Interested in finding new exercises to help product owners identify and express their needs in the project start-up phase
  72. BJAllmonPositionPaper
    • working with a company that is constantly striving to implement practice
  73. CatherineVillairePositionPaper
    • wants to be the go-to girl when questions arise
  74. EllenGrovePositionPaper
    • Interested in coaching people to not fear failure

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