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AgileCoachCamp is run on the BarCamp model, so there are

  • no "speakers",
  • no spectators,
  • only participants! Hey, that's you!

If you use CamelCase then you can click your name to add a page about yourself on this wiki. Remember that to be counted as registered you must submit a PositionPaper!

Not all of these people were able to attend in North Carolina! So opportunities to create several more events like this, around the country and the globe - there is a lot of interest! There's already talk in several corners of the UK about running one there.

To see who's actually decided to come, check out the inspiring PositionPapers2010 that have been submitted. Some are anonymous, but I'm sure you will agree, they are all enticing!

You can also start a conversation on what interests you, on our discussion forums
register for free on EventBrite;
Don't forget to join our mailing list to get updates as the event emerges!

  • your name here - come on, you can always remove it if things don't work out!
  1. Image DonGray, Waynesville, NC
  2. Linda M Cook, Hampstead, MD
  3. Image JbRainsberger, Summerside PEI, Canada
  4. Image GlennWaters, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  5. Image EllenGrove, Ottawa ON Canada
  6. Image DeclanWhelan, Guelph ON, Canada
  7. Image RachelDavies, Rugby, Warwickshire, UK
  8. Dr. CharlesSuscheck, Cary, NC
  9. cool PaulBoos, Falls Church, VA
  10. Image Michael Sahota, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  11. Image DavidBulkin, Philadelphia, PA, USA
  12. Image SusanDavis, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  13. Image Markus Silpala, Minneapolis, MN
  14. Image KenPugh, Durham, NC USA

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