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AgileCoachCamp is run on the BarCamp model, so there are
  • no "speakers",
  • no spectators,
  • only participants! Hey, that's you!

If you use CamelCase then you can click your name to add a page about yourself on this wiki. Remember that to be counted as registered you must submit a PositionPaper!

Not all of these people were able to attend in Ann Arbor.., and we have a total of 200 on our mailing list! So opportunities to create several more events like this, around the country and the globe - there is a lot of interest! There's already talk in several corners of the UK about running one there.

To see who's actually decided to come, check out the inspiring PositionPapers2008 that have been submitted. Some are anonymous, but I'm sure you will agree, they are all enticing!

You can also start a conversation on what interests you, on our discussion forums

Don't forget to join our mailing list to get updates as the event emerges!

  1. your name here - come on, you can always remove it if things don't work out!
  2. Image DeborahHartmannPreuss, Toronto, Canada
  3. Image NareshJain
  4. Image JoeLittle, Charlotte - You haven't given me a city or a date, so I have no basis to say no! And I love Open Space and Lean-Agile, so I have to be in.
  5. Image HenrikKniberg, Stockholm, Sweden. I'll be there!
  6. Image MikeHill. Afton, Virginia. Yes!!! I'll be there with bells on.
  7. Image DonGray, Pilot Mountain, NC
  8. Image GeorgeDinwiddie
  9. Image DavidChilcott, Oakland, CA - Outformations, Inc.
  10. Image Matt Gelbwaks - How about either Boston, where I owe a bunch of folks a beer, or Buenos Aires where early spring is beautitful weather!
  11. Image MishkinBerteig (based in Toronto)
  12. Image J. B. Rainsberger, as long as it's near Toronto just after May 4 or not during May 19-25.
  13. Image ErikMeade.
  14. Image PeteBehrens in Boulder, CO.
  15. JohnBrothers in Washington DC
  16. Image RyanCooper in Halifax, Canada
  17. Image BenCarey in Raleigh, NC.
  18. Image Michael K. Spayd in Boulder-Longmont, Colorado
  19. Liz Sedley from London, UK
  20. Image Gil Broza in Toronto
  21. Julie Chickering, Dallas Texas
  22. Shane Duan depending on the date and location.
  23. DianaLarsen in Portland Oregon US
  24. John Engle in Vero Beach, Florida. Intending to come and facilitate open space.
  25. Image RichardLawrence, Denver, CO.
  26. Ted Young in San Mateo (Bay Area), CA
  27. Image RobPark in Boulder, CO
  28. Jennitta Andrea, Calgary, Alberta
  29. MikeBria in Philly,PA - Me loves me some travel, and AgilePeople can throw down brew. I'm in.
  30. Bob Sarni in Bloomington, IL/Denver, CO ([email protected])
  31. Michelle D'Souza, Toronto, Ontario
  32. Image Matthew Heusser in West Michigan
  33. Image Joe O'Brien, Columbus
  34. Image YvesHanoulle, Belgium
  35. Image Neil Bourgeois in Edmonton, Alberta
  36. Image Stephane Lecuyer, Montreal, Quebec, Canada custom essays
  37. Image SteveDonie Austin, Texas - still seeing if I can make it to this or not, but hopeful...
  38. Image ChrisSims, Technical Management Institute
  39. Brandon Carlson, Madrid, IA
  40. Image Pradyumn Sharma, Mumbai, India
  41. Image Brian Marick, Champaign, IL, USA: BrianMarickPositionPaper
  42. Image Niclas Nilsson, Gothenburg, Sweden
  43. Image Dave Rooney, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Hopeful that I can make it!
  44. Linda Cook in Hampstead, MD. Adding another girl coach to the list! Thanks Deb and Naresh for filling this void.
  45. Image PatrickWilsonWelsh, Huntington Woods, MI
  46. Image SusanDavis, Toronto ON
  47. Katherine Teh, Calgary, Canada
  48. Image DeclanWhelan, Guelph, Canada
  49. Image Mike Cottmeyer, Suwanee, GA
  50. Image William Pietri, San Francisco, CA
  51. Image Markus Silpala, Minneapolis, MN
  52. Steve Robert, Troy, MI
  53. Image Sandeep Shetty
  54. Image Alexey Krivitsky, Ukraine, Europe
  55. Image Mark Scrimshire Follow me on Twitter: @ekivemark
  56. JeffGrigg of Saint Louis, MO
  57. Image CarltonNettleton, San Diego, CA
  58. Image Daniel Davis, Linden, MI
  59. Image RonJeffries of Pinckney, MI
  60. Image ChetHendrickson of Farmington Hills, MI
  61. KenRitchie (classmaker), Johns Creek / Atlanta, GA
  62. Image PaulBoos, Washington, DC
  63. Image Jeremy Anderson - Grand Rapids, MI
  64. Image Isabelle Therrien, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  65. Image YongLim, Okemos (Lansing), MI
  66. RogerBrown, West Lebanon, NH
  67. Nilanjan Raychaudhuri, Rochester Hills, MI
  1. (your name here) Why not? You can always remove it, if it doesn't work out! :-)

There are 130+ names on our mailing list, a lot more than are shown here. If you see one that's missing, why not encourage them to add their name here?

And, if you'll indulge me - please invite your FEMALE coaching colleagues. We need diversity of all kinds for a better event! :-) DeborahHartmannPreuss
  • update: we have lots of interest from women ... I can't wait to meet you all! -- Deb

Don't forget to join our mailing list to get updates as the event emerges! !!

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